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questions about prbug.com

Questions about PRbug.com answered

Welcome to Q&A page

Check these most common questions about prbug.com answered. Email, please, if you have more questions.

What is prbug.com?

  It is a blog.

What is prbug.com about?

It is about how you can promote your business or project. PRbug.com shares with you up to date practical knowledge and advice how to get noticed and supported by your key audiences.

Is prbug.com a business?

No, it is an information portal, providing small businesses and all interested parties with information how to promote businesses and projects via social and traditional media channels.  You can either implement the ideas from this site on your own or ask Yulia to help.

Is prbug.com only for small businesses and nonprofit organizations?

Small projects are usually the ones need help in being heard. As a rule, they operate on a very small PR budget or no budget at all. For her posts, Yulia tries to cherry pick either free or budget friendly resources. Big businesses are welcome to use this information as well.

Why “bug”?

Why not? Bugs are hardworking and they buzz a lot

How can I contact the site administrator?